Thursday, October 14, 2010

sophomore XD 15 and a sophomore, i think this year is harder than last year and i'm struggling like for all my classes except P.E because basically what i have to do is  exercizing ^_^ i have so much fun in this class hehehe..i start to have interest in hip hop dance n my idol in "Eunhyuk" and "Donghae", they are part of the Suju members. Okay i don't have any other classes with Sara, felt so sad but at least i have 2 other classes with Ana..XD. In biology, there is only 3 sophmore in my class and we have to share it with a bunch of freshman students. Honestly, it is a hard class but i love bio ~.~!!! The wierd part in this year is i end up taking world history which i didnt have any interest at all and i still have a stable grade..hehehe...alright, done about school stuff. I have the feeling that my younger sister might be more mature than me, just think of it gaves me the creeps ~.~, i share the same room with her so we are like very closed and she is 3 years younger than me but the way she think of something, sometimes goes beyond mine, and i know i'm the childish type so its really freak me out. Now there still a quarter and 1 semester left for my sophomore year so i'll try my best. Anyway, seems like im gonna write more about suju for other post..note for me for everyone:-
1.Please be happy n greateful with your life eventhough how hard it could be
2.Always believe in yourself and our god
t3.Be nice to your brothers or sisters XD

wishing my sophomore year will be bless..:)